How Your Donations Are Used

Your donations are used to continue the services provided by Forgotten Saints Ministry.

We supply spiritual enrichment to those residing in institutions that most spiritually-centered organizations have forgotten.

We may not be able to point to a material item provided for a resident but we can tell of the encouraged lives of hundreds who have benefitted from the presence of our caring staff and volunteers.

Donate to Forgotten
Saints Ministry

Just like any ministry, Forgotten Saints has a need for partners who believe in its mission to contribute to keep it going. A contribution can take several forms.

First and foremost we need monetary donations. Forgotten Saints Ministry is a 501c3 organization which makes it possible for all contributions to be deducted to the full extent of IRS rules. Your regular gift will provide spiritual enrichment for many elderly people.

Unlike many charitable organizations, our primary emphasis is not on supplying material goods but rather human talent and energy to those we serve. Most of our staff consists of part-time volunteers but we would like to be able to transform many of them into full-time, paid staff. This is no less tangible a goal than supplying 20 cases of food to feed the hungry. By supplying one full-time Chaplain, we can feed many, many hungering souls.

EthelNevertheless, we do also have some material needs that your contributions can meet. Since we try to make each church service we hold in every nursing home a rich and complete experience, there’s a need for things that make this possible. They include musical accompaniment such as karaoke machines; communion supplies, hymn books, pulpits, and numerous other materials that make the service feel like going to church. Plus, there are the everyday needs of office supplies, postage and gasoline.

Another way to contribute is with your time and talent. If you are good on the computer or good in crafts, a good writer, great at bookkeeping, or anything else and have the desire to help, we can use your contribution towards the administration of the ministry. If you’re a retired Pastor who misses the pulpit, we can surely use your talents. Your contribution of time or talent is only limited by your imagination. We’d be glad to talk over any ideas you have.

Below is a brief list of some of the more common items used in the ministry and their cost. You may use it as a guide in your giving. Above all, a regular gift, no matter the size, is more useful to our ministry because it allows us to plan for the future and expand our services knowing that we can count on your continued support.

Altar Equipment (pulpit, Bible stand, cross, candlesticks) of quality hardwood $400.00
Altar cloth (linen or other good quality) $100.00
Communion Set (tray, lid & base for bread & juice, 6 pieces total) $350.00
Sound Equipment (Karaoke-type unit for play/record) $350.00
Microphone $150.00
Large-print Bibles (by the case, each Bible) $15.00
Mileage stipends for volunteers (per volunteer per month) $100.00
Lap robe or bib for resident $10.00
Equip a Chaplain (all sound equipment & furniture needed) $1,250.00
"Hymnal" (electronic device featuring pre-recorded songs/hymns) $1,000.00
Salary for one full-time Chaplain for one year $35,000.00

Please make you check payable to Forgotten Saints Ministry and mail it to this address:

Chaplain Ed Sample
3625 Swallow Ln
Irving, TX 75062-3049

We reserve the right to use any directed donation
to meet the immediate needs of the ministry. All mission trips were paid for by the individuals attending. no ministry funds were used.