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We encourage you to contact us if you have any questions about our ministry or if you have questions about ministering to the elderly in your area. Chaplain Ed, the Board of Directors and the many Volunteers of Forgotten Saints Ministry stand ready to help and advise you in any way we can. Our years of experience with meeting the spiritual needs of the elderly have included those in nursing homes, retirement centers, and hospitals on an individual and group basis.

GreetingsWe also have extensive experience in helping families cope with difficult placement decisions or the grieving process after a loved one passes away.

If you’ve been struggling with where to start in your own nursing home ministry, or have come across a difficult situation, send us an email. We’ve been there and are willing to help you better understand the “ins-and-outs’ of ministering to the elderly.

And of course, if you’re interested in joining one of our local ministry teams or in starting a new team, please email us. Chaplain Ed will be glad to meet and talk over your new role in the ministry.

Please forgive the lengths we have gone to to prevent the “spambots” from getting our addresses. Simply reverse the letters that are backwards and remember that the email domain is the same as the website’s: We’ve provided a decoded version of the name that goes before the email domain beside each image. We look forward to hearing from you.

U.S.A. Contacts
Ed Chaplain Ed Sample
(D/FW & all U.S./AUS.) is:
Tim Chaplain Tim Parker
(New Mexico) is:
Clyde Chaplain Clyde Bittner
(Pennsylvania) is:
web The Webmaster is:

To contact Len and Virginia Edwards in Dubbo Australia (and surrounding area) please email them at the address below. They can also answer your questions about visiting a nursing home and becoming involved in the Dubbo ministry or even starting your own in another part of the country.

Trevor Ford can help you if you’re interested in the Port Macquarie Australia area ministry.

Australia Contacts
Len & Virginia Chaplain Len Edwards
(Dubbo or all Australia) is:
Trevor & Yvonne Chaplain Trevor Ford
(Port Macquarie area) is:

To mail a donation or contact us via U.S. Mail, please use the following address:

Chaplain Ed Sample
Forgotten Saints Ministry
3625 Swallow Ln.
Irving, TX 75062-3049