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Forgotten Saints Ministry would like to provide some helpful information to assist you in your relationships with the elderly people in your life. If you'd like to explore the idea of starting your own nursing home or retirement center ministry, we can provide tips and insight from our years of experience.

Chaplain Ed is also willing to provide personal counseling for those seeking a deeper, more complete ministry role. Please contact him to visit a service and see exactly how to meet the Picnicspiritual needs of the elderly.

Also featured are links to websites that provide information on government regulations, laws, and other facts about nursing homes and our elderly population.

We hope the materials on this page will be useful.

Helpful Information to Download

The documents below are all in PDF format and can be saved to your computer for future reference. You may either click on the "help" image and have the document open immediately or right-click and save it to your computer.

What to do in a nursing home What To Do When Visiting A Nursing Home (for clergy)
This guide will provide useful "do's and don'ts" for Pastors and clergy who are unfamiliar with nursing homes.
Volunteers in a nursing home What To Do When Visiting A Nursing Home (for lay-people)
This guide will provide useful "do's and don'ts" for volunteers and visitors who are unfamiliar with nursing homes.
Forgotten Saints brochure Forgotten Saints Brochure
This brochure will help to tell others about Forgotten Saints and serve as a useful tool in getting them to join you in serving the elderly.
Find a nursing home How To Find A Nursing Home
This guide will provide tips to help you evaluate a nursing home you are considering for your loved one.
Resident rights Resident Rights
This document outlines the rights of anyone living in a nursing home according to federal law.
Beattitudes of Elderly The Beatitudes of The Elderly
This document lists some encouraging blessings of dealing with the elderly.

Links to Useful Sites

The following links are provided to assist your education in topics that concern the elderly. There's also a site to help you prepare your spiritual teaching. Just click on any button to go to the featured website.

University of Minnesota site This University of Minnesota site has state regulations for nursing homes in all 50 states. See if yours is up to standards.
Medicare site Medicare government site allows you to compare nursing homes, hospitals, dialysis centers and other entities. A valuable resource when looking for elder care.
Federation of state medical boards site The Federation of State Medical Boards site where you can check to see if your doctor's license history is good or bad. Will alert of any disciplinary actions or problems. Links to all state medical boards.
Health and human services site Department of Health & Human Services site with information about long-term care.
Elder abuse site Administration on Aging site with information on how to spot the signs of elder abuse and what to do about it.
Bible study site This site will provide a multitude of Bible translations, concordances, commentaries and links to numerous resources that will help you to develop rich spritual teaching materials.

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